Title: Physics-based dynamic model for reversible liquid-to-liquid heat pump systems. Development, validation and simulation with different systems, time scales, operation conditions and working mode switch

During the development of new heat pumps, there are two important aspects to take into account. The improvement of components and the improvement of the system as a whole. The components can be improved by optimising geometrical parameters and materials, among others. As for the system, the main objective is to improve its mode of operation through control. Currently, the best way to address these aspects is through dynamic modelling of components and systems that can accurately simulate their energy behaviour. In this thesis, a model for a reversible liquid-liquid heat pump has been developed.

The behaviour of the heat pump under different transient situations has been evaluated. The measurements have been used to validate the model in heating, cooling and start-up operation modes. The simulation results show good agreement with the test data.

It can be confirmed that the developed model accurately simulates the behaviour of a liquid-liquid heat pump. It can be used to carry out micro- and macroscale simulations under different operating modes and heat exchanger configurations. In addition, simulations can be performed for the mode of operation switching from heating to cooling and vice versa.

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