Building on the expertise of 33 partners, the EU-funded oPEN Lab project will revitalise urban areas across Europe and lead the transition of Positive Energy Neighbourhoods (PEN). Through activities in three open innovation living labs in Genk (Belgium), Pamplona (Spain) and Tartu (Estonia), oPEN Lab will identify commercially viable solutions to achieve positive energy urban environments, in line with the EU’s aim to be climate-neutral by 2050.

The project will promote sustainable design tailored to neighbourhoods, seamless industrial renovation workflows, renewable energy generation combined with energy storage, urban service facilities, smart operation and life cycle thinking. The ultimate aim is to roll out a holistic and positive energy vision for neighbourhoods across Europe.

The aim of the oPEN Lab is to identify replicable, commercially viable solution packages enabling the achievement of positive energy neighbourhoods within existing urban contexts that are seamlessly integrated into the local energy system as an active micro-energy hub, and to test these technologies and package as an integrated solution at neighbourhood scale.

Three open innovation living labs in the cities of Genk (BE), Pamplona (ES) and Tartu (EE) will test combinations of different close-to-market ready technologies and services and study their performance as a unique operating system. A user driven and participatory approach with the neighbourhood community will be rolled out for a holistic and positive energy vision for the neighbourhood, going beyond citizen awareness raising activities.