The researchers who presented a topic on a line of research on which they are working were: Aitor Erkoreka Gonzalez, Imanol Ruiz de Vergara and Álvaro Campos Celador


The following is a description of the topics of the presentations given in the webinar as well as the speakers and their temporal location in the video:

  • (1:05) Aitor Erkoreka Gonzalez: Estimating and decoupling the Heat Loss Coefficient of in-use buildings into its Transmission (UA) and Infiltration and/or Ventilation (Cv) heat loss coefficients through basic monitoring and modelling.
  • (17:34) Imanol Ruiz de Vergara Ruiz de Azua: Energy monitoring of rehabilitated houses.
  • (32:57) Álvaro Campos Celador: Evaluation of cost-optimal solutions for nearly zero energy buildings under the new CTE.
  • (49:00) Questions and comments