Circular Science is an activity that is carried out throughout the course and is integrated into the program of the European Night of Researchers, an annual event that takes place in September and is celebrated, at the same time, by all universities and European companies adhered to the initiative. Its objective is to propose solutions to major global problems by bringing science and technology closer to citizens, with Circular Science being a continuation of that great day, but at the classrooms of the youngest.

On this occasion, it is the students from non-university centers who can enjoy knowledge while learning, thanks to the collaboration of research teaching staff from the University of the Basque Country since this time it is the UPV/EHU teaching staff who go to educational centers in different municipalities of Euskadi.

In the case of ENEDI, it has participated through the talk “Energy and History” in which students from three institutes have reviewed the role that Energy has had in our development as a species and have learnt the challenges we face in the current time of crisis and energy transition. The objective of this activity is for students to think about aspects of their lives that they carry out daily without considering their relationship with energy, such as transportation, heating their homes, producing the clothes they wear or being able to listen to music or watch movies by streaming.